How it works

When your customer makes a purchase,

the platform’s delivery partner picks up

from our machines and delivers 

it to your customer on demand.

About US

Welcome to HyperVend

We at HyperVend offer a revolutionary retail automation solution to help companies of all sizes compete in today’s digital economy. Our technology platform provides customers with fast and convenient options while always keeping it fresh. 

Our Services



Last mile grocery delivery does not work when the food arrives spoiled


Food Delivery

Helping companies deliver food faster and fresher is our core mission


Flowers & Plants

HyperVend uses unique thermal cooling technology for floral freshness

Specialty Retail

Specialty Retail

Cigars -Dry Age Beef -Seafood Military -Medical -Blood

What Makes Us Different?

Industrial Design

As unique as your brand, looks like nothing else out there.

Software First

Full Omnichannel capability and open API to integrate with any POS or ERP system.

We Make It

No outsourcing here, we make what we sell.

Global Shipping

We can ship to any port anywhere in the world.


Sync your forward deployed inventory with your core ERP and POS systems. Sell what you have in stock, not what you need to make. 

Robotic Delivery Automation

Last mile delivery represents over 50% of the total cost of the shipping. Whenever there’s room for improvement, there is an automated robot waiting to be deployed.