Automated Stores with Robotic Delivery

How it works

HyperVends are tiny autonomous

darkstores connected to all your

favorite delivery platforms

(and robots). 

Sell your products anywhere, anytime.

Automated Dark Stores JOKR

HyperVends are tiny autonomous dark stores connected to all your favorite delivery platforms (and robots).

We’re not looking for a slightly-better or newer version of established products in crowded segments. Instead, at HyperVend we prioritized ideas that have few or no competitors. 

Companies worldwide are racing to deliver goods as fast as possible with as little labor as possible. Most manned dark stores are labor intensive and can not make money in the current form. Our next generation last mile delivery platform utilizes advanced automation and robots to provide a cost effective method to service customers within a 1-2 mile radius. 

Automated Dark Stores

By deploying HyperVend units every 2 miles, a company can provide 15 minutes delivery at the lowest possible. Suitable for ambient, chilled or frozen products, each HyperVend tower can carry up to 2,500 SKUs in a range of sizes.