HyperVend Special Rental Offer


Expanding Opportunities for Flower Companies Everywhere


  • Expires May 1st, 2023
  • Must be a first time customer, limited to one unit (any size)
  • Applies to cooled and uncooled units (for plants) 
  • Shipping not included and will be invoiced at time of shipping (FOB Factory) 
  • Offer limited to the first 100 units ordered, while quantities last. 

Please complete your order online at Shop and submit your deposit for your first year rental. (monthly rate x 12 months). 

There is no contract to sign, all rentals are month to month after the first year if you choose to keep the unit or buy it outright. 

HyperVend is pleased to announce this special offer for first time customers to make your first unit attainable. 

Flower Vending Machine Planning and Deployment

Selling flowers through a flower vending machine can be an innovative way to provide a convenient option for customers to buy flowers at any time of the day. Keep in mind most retail florists are open banker’s hours and flower buyers have only one choice after 6pm, normally a neighborhood supermarket, pharmacy or convenience store.



Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you with the process:

  • Research Market and Location: Analyze your local market and understand the demand for fresh flowers. Ideal locations for a flower vending machine can be hospitals, airports, shopping malls, subway and rail stations, or even corporate offices.
  • Choose the Right Vending Machine: You’ll need a specialized vending machine like HyperVend that can maintain the right temperature and humidity to keep the flowers fresh. Our machines come with built-in refrigeration systems for this purpose with advanced sensors.  HyperVend flower vending machines are secure, durable, and user-friendly.
  • Secure Your Supply: Partner with flower farms or wholesalers who can provide fresh flowers on a regular basis. You want to ensure that you always have a fresh and varied supply of flowers to meet customer expectations. Don’t have a vendor? We have prescreened farms in Colombia ready to ship overnight into the US and Canada. 
  • Packaging and Pricing: Flowers should be neatly arranged and packed in a way that consumers can take them home. Pricing should be competitive, considering factors like the cost of flowers, packaging, transportation, machine maintenance, and desired profit margin. Don’t forget to look at all your local competitors also. 
  • Flower Machine Setup: Each type of flower, or bouquet, should be placed in a specific slot in the machine. The machine should be programmed to display the correct price and open the correct door when the customer makes a selection.
  • Maintenance and Restocking: The flower vending machine will need to be restocked regularly to ensure that the flowers are always fresh. The machine itself will need to be cleaned and maintained, with any technical issues addressed promptly. HyperVend includes advanced live flower inventory software with all machines. 
  • Marketing and Promotion: Use signage, social media, and other marketing techniques to let potential customers know about your flower vending machine. You might consider offering special promotions or discounts to attract new customers in your first few weeks. 
  • Payment and Security: HyperVend  vending machines allow for different payment methods such as credit/debit card, or digital payment apps like Apple Pay and Google Pay. We ensure the payment system is secure. Your HyperVend   machine can also have optional  security measures like cameras or alarms to prevent theft or vandalism, and monitor all transactions 24/7 in real time. 
  • Customer Service: Although a flower vending machine typically minimizes the need for human interaction, make sure there is a way for customers to reach you in case they encounter problems or have inquiries. This could be a phone number or email address displayed on the machine.

Remember, it’s important to regularly evaluate your operations and sales data to understand which flowers are selling well and at what times, so you can adjust your stock and strategy accordingly.