Helping companies deliver food faster and fresher is our core mission

Restaurants are undergoing a technology revolution. 

Whether it’s the explosion in online ordering & delivery, the move towards ghost kitchen and virtual restaurant models, and the digital transformation of restaurant operations, or the move from one-sized-fits-all menus to highly personalized restaurant experiences, the restaurant of tomorrow will look radically different. 

HyperVend helps merchants expand their current menu offerings as well as reach new customers in new markets without investing in an entirely new store. We strive to become a merchant’s first call when they want to grow their delivery business. The HyperVend capabilities help with customer acquisition, on-demand delivery, insights and analytics, and white-label order fulfillment — and in a more cost-effective way than ever before. 

A restaurant’s reputation is built on meal quality and customer experience, but with many customers opting to stay home and ordering meals through delivery apps, it’s getting harder to offer what we call, freshness as intended.

Who exactly wants a cold hamburger? 

HyperVend’s revolutionary system blends thermal technology and robotics to keep meals at their optimal temperature-perfectly hot, perfectly cold, or perfectly ambient. This means that when dinner arrives at a customer’s doorstep, it’s as if it just came out of your restaurant’s kitchen. You’ll never have to worry about cold food again- unless someone ordered the creme brulee!

Are you looking for a seamless way to redirect food delivery traffic from dine-in customers? Give us a call for more information!