Grocery and Meal Kit Smart Coolers

As more food retailers move toward the “Grocerant,” this issue only becomes more prevalent. Grocerants offer restaurant-quality, fresh food offered within the convenience of a grocery store setting. Retail grocery chains are raising the bar on their foodservice offerings and by doing so are attracting the coveted millennial market.

Smart Coolers

HyperVend HV-12MK – Fresh Realm Dual Temperature Concept Cooler for Meal Kits

HyperVend Benefits for Brands

  • Lock in floor space
  • Real time data
  • Digital ad control
  • Own the category
  • As low as $300 a month each


HyperVends for Meal Kits

The popularity of convenient, healthy prepared meals and the rise of online grocery shopping are placing greater demands for digital transparency on grocers. 

In-store dining and take-out of prepared foods from retail grocers has grown nearly 30 percent since 2008, and accounted for 2.4 billion in foodservice visits and $10 billion of consumer spending in 2015. Over 40 percent of the U.S. population purchases prepared foods from grocery stores, and as this number grows, the need for traceability is higher than ever.

Live Inventory Control

We use passive RFID to track each item at all times in real time. No need to connect with the local retailer or wait on scan data. 

Each HyperVend cooler has a remote cellular and/or wifi option that can transmit data in real time back to your ERP- POS system or HyperVend Market dashboard. 

With the added complexity of the global food supply chain, consumer demands for transparency in the wake of major recalls, and regulators pushing for a new era of smarter food safety, quality professionals in a food retail or grocery business must have the ability to track and trace their suppliers’ product to the final destination.


Grab Floor Space – and Keep It

When a HyperVend cooler goes into a retailer, you have “locked in” floor and shelf space for a long long time. FreshPet is a great example of how fast this new brand dominated the market for fresh pet food by utilizing a custom cooler merchandise program.


Fresh Pet


Branding Options

Our in-house design team can brand a cooler in any way you can imagine for any brand in the world.  Eye-catching HyperVend branding is a great way to further maximize the impact of your brand.




Shopper Demographics Metrics

Each HyperVend can be equipped with an optional facial recognition camera to track repeat visitors and demographic profile data.


Who We Are

We build the world’s most advanced smart coolers for perishables with amazing software and brand it with your name. 

As the manufacturer, we can fabricate any size cooler for any country for any product that requires temperature, humidity and live inventory control.

Traditional coolers are not very “smart”, hard to customize, and have no software or communication capability. We give your brand a competitive edge.


We move as quickly as you do

We can go from concept to engineering to prototype in less than 90 days in addition to scaling manufacturing on three continents.


Meal Kits