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Smart Coolers

Introducing the HyperVend HV-1: A Game-Changer in Retail Display Technology

In the fiercely competitive world of retail, distinguishing your product from the rest is crucial. The presentation and packaging of your items play a significant role in capturing consumer attention. However, for perishable goods, maintaining optimal climate control is even more critical. That’s where HyperVend steps in with its innovative solution.

Our newly developed HV-1 model is a revolutionary customer-branded retail display, available in both cooled and uncooled versions, designed to elevate your brand and maximize impact. The HV-1 excels in maintaining chilled temperatures and high humidity, perfect for preserving the freshness of perishables such as fresh flowers and select fruits. Simultaneously, it provides an exquisite showcase for non-cooled premium foods like jams, jellies, and honey.

What sets the HV-1 apart in the market is HyperVend’s patented technology. Equipped with an advanced array of IoT load sensors and powered by cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, the HV-1 is a “truly smart” retail solution. Our sophisticated sensors not only monitor climate conditions meticulously but also track live inventory around the clock, ensuring your products are always available when your customers need them.

Understanding the delicate balance required for storing fresh fruits and vegetables—low temperatures (32 to 55°F) and high relative humidity (80 to 95 percent)—the HV-1 is engineered to lower respiration rates and slow down metabolic and transpiration rates. This capability allows retailers to maintain unparalleled quality control 24/7, extending the shelf life of perishables and ensuring consumers always receive products at their peak freshness.

HyperVend’s HV-1 is now available for worldwide shipping, with custom sizes on special request to accommodate larger items. Embrace the future of retail display technology with HyperVend, and ensure your brand and products stand out in the competitive market while preserving quality and freshness like never before.

Starting as low as $3,995 USD plus shipping. 
Smart Coolers