Smart Coolers for Brands

Smart Coolers

What makes your product stand out with consumers? 


Does it look like every other brand on the shelf? In today’s competitive retail world, the presentation of your product is just as important as the packaging. Maintaining quality climate control of perishables is even more important. 

HyperVend has developed a new line of customer branded retail displays (cooled and uncooled) that can put your brand front and center to make the most impact. 

Our new HV-1 model can maintain chilled temperatures and high humidity ideal for perishables like fresh flowers and certain fruits while at the same time being able to showcase non-cooled products like jams, jellies, honey and other premium foods. 

The key features that make the HV-1 “truly smart” is HyperVend’s unique and patented technology, including an array of IoT load sensors and advanced machine learning algorithms.  Our advanced sensors monitor climate conditions and can also track live inventory 24/7 to ensure your product is always stocked. 

Fresh fruits and vegetables need low temperatures (32 to 55°F) and high relative humidities (80 to 95 percent) to lower respiration and to slow metabolic and transpiration rates. This allows retailers to maintain quality control 24/7. 

Now available for worldwide shipping. Custom sizes are also available on special request for larger items. 

Smart Coolers